Practicing is always number one in the “how to golf” handbook but even if you practice consistently on a daily basis even you’re not going to improve as a player, you need to come up with some new ideas if you want to be best player you can possibly be. Simply understanding how to golf and playing it are two different things; you will be doing the exact same thing with the exact same skills every time you play if you do not take the strides to learn more about what it is that you are doing. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Driving your Ball better is the first step in How to Golf better

You want to have the best drive you can possibly fathom, right? It’s true, we all get a sense of wow when we see the ball we smashed into the air fly near and far, of course it takes more then just simple strength to knock a ball out into the freeway, it takes a sense of mind perception as well. Before you hit that ball you need to imagine where it will go before you make the swing, you need to be sure it will go into the correct direction and you need to ensure that you are locked right on target before you swing hard and proud. Once you have siphoned out your pathway, swing your club like never before and hopefully it will all come out to a good effect. The mind is a powerful tool and it will help you strategize very well while learning how to golf with a better sense of perception.